Why Johnny Mundt Can’t Replace Irv Smith Jr. (and Vice Versa)
By Luke Braun - Sep 28, 2022
The Minnesota Vikings’ plan for their three tight ends is becoming clear through three games. In the past, we’ve watched Vikings teams use one tight end as […]
Kirk Cousins Forgot How To Counter the Blitz
By Luke Braun - Sep 22, 2022
I don’t have to tell you that Kirk Cousins had a rough night in Philadelphia. You can look at the statistical profile of his performance from pretty […]
How Justin Jefferson Got So Open All The Time
By Luke Braun - Sep 14, 2022
If you’re like me, you’re still reeling a little bit from watching what Justin Jefferson did to the Green Bay Packers. He put on a show and […]
If the Minnesota Vikings Win the NFC North, We Just Saw Why
By Luke Braun - Sep 12, 2022
It’s been some time since we saw a win as convincing as the 23-7 victory the Minnesota Vikings slapped on the Green Bay Packers’ heads. The word […]
It Happened On 3rd & 10 | The History Of The Minnesota Vikings, Part VII
By Luke Braun - Sep 10, 2022
You may be familiar with a lot of what we discuss today. It’s the seventh and final installment of Minnesota Vikings history. We have grown to love […]
Men Of Second Chances | The History Of the Minnesota Vikings, Part V
By Luke Braun - Aug 27, 2022
You know about Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Jake Reed. You know about Randall Cunningham, Brad Johnson, and the quarterback carousel. And you’re probably familiar with Gary […]
Yes, Ndamukong Suh Is A Good Idea For the Minnesota Vikings
By Luke Braun - Jun 22, 2022
On Monday, Ndamukong Suh went on national television and caused a stir over his market. He confirmed two details: One, that Suh wasn’t going to retire at […]
Vikings Quarterbacks Through History, Ranked Purely By Vibes
By Luke Braun - Jun 8, 2022
society has evolved past the need for quarter back rankings — Luke Braun (@LukeBraunNFL) February 15, 2021 Quarterback rankings mostly suck. Each quarterback is so different from […]
There’s More At Stake Than A Roster Spot For Vederian Lowe
By Luke Braun - Jun 1, 2022
Most retired football players admit that they have shared the same moment. In the dog days of training camp, usually in the second session of two-a-day practices, […]
How the Vikings Can Unlock Akayleb Evans
By Luke Braun - May 25, 2022
Akayleb Evans can be a very good NFL cornerback. That’s not as spicy of a take as it seems for a fourth-round corner. I “can be” an […]
What Can Brian Asamoah Be?
By Luke Braun - May 18, 2022
For all the trading and maneuvering that Kwesi Adofo-Mensah did on the first night of the NFL draft, his reward was pick No. 66. With that pick, […]
On Ed Ingram, And the Benefit Of the Doubt
By Luke Braun - May 11, 2022
The NFL draft is supposed to be the most fun weekend of the offseason. It’s our chance, as fans, to indulge in some unbridled optimism about players […]