Mike Zimmer’s Blitz Packages Are Going To Come In Handy
By Luke Braun - Oct 20, 2021
The Minnesota Vikings have a big problem to contend with as they enter the bye week. Patrick Peterson is out for at least the next three games […]
That Walk-Off Win Is Exactly Who The Vikings Are
By Luke Braun - Oct 18, 2021
In football media, we talk a lot about the idea of sustainability. Sooner or later, the peaks and valleys of a moment-to-moment football game will even out. […]
Christian Darrisaw Is Ready To Start Full Time
By Luke Braun - Oct 13, 2021
At long last, the terrifying reign of Rashod Hill is coming to a close. He has been an unmitigated disaster as a left tackle through five weeks. […]
Conservative Play Nearly Destroyed the Vikings
By Luke Braun - Oct 11, 2021
As a running joke, I have tweeted “This sure feels like a must-win game” five minutes before every kickoff this year. It’s mostly a jab at the […]
The Vikings Can’t Do Any More To Help The Offensive Line
By Luke Braun - Oct 6, 2021
We are all frustrated with the offensive line. After Sunday’s grotesque display of incompetence that overshadowed everyone else’s bad days on offense, we all have a bitter […]
Anemic, Stifled, Pathetic: The Story Of the Vikings’ Home Loss To Cleveland
By Luke Braun - Oct 4, 2021
After losing 14-7 at home to the Cleveland Browns, the Minnesota Vikings have now lost three consecutive one-score games. That may sound encouraging: Close game results tend […]
How Kirk Cousins and Garrett Bradbury Counter the Blitz
By Luke Braun - Sep 29, 2021
Football is a much more complicated game than we often give it credit for. There are several give-take arenas of gamesmanship that go entirely unnoticed by the […]
Suddenly, Kirk Cousins and the Offense Are Propelling the Vikings To Victory
By Luke Braun - Sep 27, 2021
At long last, the Minnesota Vikings have done it. After seven brutal, torturous losses to the Seattle Seahawks, most of them in the Pacific Northwest, the Vikings […]
Believe It Or Not, Mike Zimmer Outcoached Kliff Kingsbury
By Luke Braun - Sep 22, 2021
When the opposing team puts up 34 points with only one relatively short field, it reflects poorly on the defense. There are many mistakes to lament in […]
The Vikings Did Almost Everything Right But Couldn’t Overcome Bad Luck
By Luke Braun - Sep 20, 2021
When your favorite football team loses by a point, it’s somewhat of a Rorschach test. The loss can be pinned on whatever you thought was a problem […]
How Concerned Should We Be About Anthony Barr’s Knee?
By Luke Braun - Sep 15, 2021
It’s not a big deal to miss one week. Anthony Barr sat out the Minnesota Vikings’ 27-24 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals and most of camp with […]
The Easy Stuff Sinks the Vikings Once Again
By Luke Braun - Sep 13, 2021
Any time a game goes deep into overtime, there is a lot of potential blame to go around. The Minnesota Vikings’ 27-24 overtime loss in Cincinnati is […]