What Are Realistic Expectations For O’Connell In His First Year?
By Nelson Thielen - Jun 29, 2022
New is always better. Right? For a league that was traditionally stringent in its hiring practices, often favoring retreads of familiar names over fresh blood, the NFL […]
Minnesota’s Trio Of Safeties Could Be the “Secret Sauce” Of Their Defense
By Nelson Thielen - Jun 23, 2022
I’ll start with a confession: I’m a bit of a sucker for safeties. I tend to gravitate towards players with versatility. Hybrid players capable of multiple roles […]
Can the New Regime Figure Out Cam Dantzler?
By Nelson Thielen - Jun 15, 2022
Remember when Minnesota Vikings fans were all excited about Cameron Dantzler? That was only one season ago, but it feels like ages. In 2020, the third-round pick […]
Who Is the Most Crucial “Jenga Piece” For the 2022 Vikings?
By Nelson Thielen - Jun 9, 2022
We’ve all played Jenga. Maybe it was around the kitchen table with the family or on one of those giant sets they have at bars that spice […]
Can the Vikings Jeopardize Green Bay’s Stranglehold Over the Division In 2022?
By Nelson Thielen - Jun 1, 2022
Can the Minnesota Vikings put the Green Bay Packers’ stranglehold on the division in Jeopardy! in 2022? I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. Even if it’s admitted through gritted […]
The Bears Will Be the Bizarro Vikings In 2022
By Nelson Thielen - May 26, 2022
The rivalry between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears should be fascinating in 2022, as the two teams have multiple parallels. Not only are both attempting to […]
Can the Vikings Sweep the Lions In 2022?
By Nelson Thielen - May 18, 2022
Despite their team not finding its first win until Dec. 5 last season, the Detroit Lions fans and media have started to believe they have something going. […]
The Early Season Schedule Will Set the Tone For the 2022 Vikings
By Nelson Thielen - May 13, 2022
In an effort to make all 365 days of the year an integral part of the NFL calendar, the schedule release has become another milestone for the […]
Minnesota Drafted an Identity: Fast, Physical, and Violent
By Nelson Thielen - May 4, 2022
Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and the new Minnesota Vikings regime have their first draft in the books, and it’s left many fans with some combination of dismay, cautious optimism, […]
What Does Adofo-Mensah Do If Thibodeaux Slides?
By Nelson Thielen - Apr 27, 2022
It’s draft week, baby! We all love the draft. Drama, intrigue, and hope abound to make this the greatest soap opera and reality-TV event in sports. And […]
Trent McDuffie Is More Than Just A Consolation Prize
By Nelson Thielen - Apr 20, 2022
Most Minnesota Vikings fans have their wish list of names at this point in the pre-draft process. Cincinnati’s Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner. LSU’s Derek Stingley. Notre Dame’s Kyle […]
5 Teams That Could Impact The Vikings On Draft Night
By Nelson Thielen - Apr 14, 2022
It’s mock draft season, baby! It’s time to speculate. Primetime for prognostication. Everyone’s retreading the same information to clickbait us into another mock draft. But as we […]