Jaxon-Smith Njigba Is the Jefferson Sidekick We’ve Been Looking For
By Nelson Thielen - Mar 15, 2023
It’s hope season, football fans! Free agency and draft season is the time of year where every fanbase feels like they can get better. Hope springs eternal. […]
Jammie Robinson Was Tailor-Made For Flores’ Defense
By Nelson Thielen - Feb 23, 2023
Have you found your mid-round NFL draft crush yet? Are you tired of watching pathetic run defense? Are you tired of watching safeties play so far out […]
Championship Weekend Sets the Standard For the Vikings’ DC Hire
By Nelson Thielen - Feb 2, 2023
When the Minnesota Vikings hired general manager Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, we heard a lot about the plans for a “competitive rebuild” from the new regime in TCO Performance […]
Duke Shelley Deserves To Be In the Long-Term Plan At Cornerback
By Nelson Thielen - Jan 12, 2023
In a season full of unexpected twists, turns, and improbabilities, perhaps one of the most surprising developments occurred when the Minnesota Vikings upset the Buffalo Bills. Moments […]
The Vikings Are More Loki Than Thor (And That’s Okay)
By Nelson Thielen - Dec 22, 2022
It must have been a lot of fun to be a Minnesota Vikings hater on Saturday. For the first half, at least. The second half? Probably not […]
Minnesota Is In For A Gut Check Against The Jets (And That’s A Good Thing)
By Nelson Thielen - Dec 1, 2022
Wanna know what I was thankful for on Thanksgiving this year? That the Minnesota Vikings only had to live in the aftermath of the Dallas Cowboys catastrophe […]
Akayleb Evans Is More Than Just the Newest Fan Favorite
By Nelson Thielen - Nov 9, 2022
Have yourself a day, Akayleb Evans! Every Minnesota Vikings fan should root for Evans to succeed and find a role on this team. Evans has made every […]
A Case For Why the Vikings Are Frauds. And Also Why They Aren’t.
By Nelson Thielen - Oct 20, 2022
Imagine being a Minnesota Vikings fan who fell into a coma before Week 1 and woke up today. Minnesota is 5-1. They are two games up in […]
How Can Kevin O’Connell Fix Minnesota’s Red-Zone Offense?
By Nelson Thielen - Oct 5, 2022
Remember when Mike Zimmer got fired, and we thought the days of conservative offenses and settling for field goals were behind us? Well, through four games, it […]
Minnesota’s Growing Pains Make Ugly Wins Very Valuable
By Nelson Thielen - Sep 29, 2022
The Minnesota Vikings have played three games and put up three different performances. Very good, VERY bad, and very ugly. And boy, Sunday was ugly. If not […]
The Vikings Can’t Keep Neglecting Cook and Thielen
By Nelson Thielen - Sep 21, 2022
Oh, what a difference one week can make in the NFL. Remember how we all felt after Week 1? I wrote a piece last week singing effusive […]
Minnesota Dictated Jefferson’s Matchups Against Green Bay, and It Was Unstoppable
By Nelson Thielen - Sep 14, 2022
Sunday sure was fun, wasn’t it, Vikings fans? Like many of you, I’m still basking in the glow of pasting our division rivals in Week 1. I […]