Let’s Pump the Brakes on Blowing Up the Vikings
By Tom Schreier - Oct 21, 2020
Maybe everybody innately has an appetite for destruction and is secretly a pyromaniac, because it seems like every time there is an opportunity to blow up one […]
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Is Bill Guerin the Good Sort Of Crazy?
By Tom Schreier - Oct 20, 2020
Look deep into Bill Guerin’s eyes, and you’ll see a restless soul searching desperately for solitude. Only bringing a Stanley Cup championship to the Twin Cities will […]
Experts Expect Alexander Mattison to be a Stud on Sunday
By Tom Schreier - Oct 17, 2020
There are a few different ways to learn that your computer volume is on. One is to just hit the volume buttons on the keyboard and see […]
Even Bill Simmons Has Noticed the Vikings Curse
By Tom Schreier - Oct 15, 2020
I can’t imagine that Bill Simmons spends a lot of time watching the Minnesota Vikings. If he is, he’s probably gambling on them while visions of Justin […]
Did the Vikings Almost Beat the Seahawks Because There Was No 12th Man in Seattle?
By Tom Schreier - Oct 12, 2020
The Minnesota Vikings missed an opportunity to get a win in Seattle with no fans in the stands. It would have been a massive breakthrough, like the […]
“Work Harder. Nobody Cares!”: Why LaMonte Wade Jr. Has Been a Fan of Lamar Jackson from the Start
By Tom Schreier - Feb 21, 2020
LaMonte Wade Jr. believed in Lamar Jackson from the beginning. The Minnesota Twins rookie, who made his debut last season and played in 26 games, watched Jackson […]
The Minnesota Twins Have a Philosophy on Coaching, Not a Hitting Philosophy
By Tom Schreier - Feb 19, 2020
FORT MYERS, Fla. — The coaching staff of the Minnesota Twins was raided this offseason. While former bench coach Derek Shelton, hitting coach James Rowson and assistant […]
The Minnesota Twins are Balancing Aggressive Ambitions and a Laid-Back Culture
By Tom Schreier - Feb 18, 2020
FORT MYERS, Fla. — It’s 75 and sunny in Southwest Florida, where the Minnesota Twins’ position players have joined the pitchers and catchers and are now preparing […]
The Minnesota Twins Became a Playoff Team This Year, Now They Have to Build a Contender
By Tom Schreier - Oct 9, 2019
Rocco Baldelli admitted that returning to Fenway Park as the manager of the Minnesota Twins was special. He went on a familiar jog before entering the historic […]
The Minnesota Twins Had a Historic Season with a Familiar Ending
By Tom Schreier - Oct 8, 2019
Friedrich Nietzsche said that the idea of eternal recurrence came to him one day in August 1881 while he was taking a walk along a lake in […]
The Twins Will Have to Go Through the Yankees, and Yankee Stadium, to Have Playoff Success
By Tom Schreier - Oct 5, 2019
NEW YORK — Yankee Stadium is built like a coliseum, making it unique among major league parks. Fenway has its quirks, like the Green Monster and the […]
Rocco Baldelli Believes that His “Resilient” Twins Will Bounce Back Against the Yankees
By Tom Schreier - Oct 5, 2019
NEW YORK — There is an alternate universe where after Zack Littell gave up two earned runs without recording an out in the fifth inning, and Tyler […]