CO SOCCER PODCAST: The Reign in Blaine
By Tom Schreier - Oct 8, 2016
Join Nic Hallett and Andy Lorei as they break down Minnesota United’s recent games against Tampa Bay and Puerto Rico, plus some world soccer talk regarding Bob […]
PG: Samsung VR Heats Up, Digital Homicide Destroyed and Symmetra Overhauled
By Tom Schreier - Oct 6, 2016
Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss the games they’ve been playing (1:00), Samsung VR causing phones to overheat (1:01), Digital Homicide getting […]
PG: Ubisoft Purchases Ketchapp, Broforce Goes Tropical
By Tom Schreier - Sep 29, 2016
Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss what they’ve played this week, plus why Broforce is on a tropical island (1:25:00) and what […]
9/28: Wolves Players Discuss Grind of Thibs’ Practices, Learning His Defense
By Tom Schreier - Sep 28, 2016
It’s going to be a common theme early this season: Tom Thibodeau is going to work his guys hard, and he’s going to insist that they know […]
Video and Highlights from Minnesota Timberwolves Media Day 2016
By Tom Schreier - Sep 26, 2016
It’s finally here! For Minnesota sports fans discouraged by the Twins season and happily befuddled by the heavily-injured but never-say-die Vikings, the Timberwolves are here to sell hope. The […]
Kevin Garnett’s Return Woke the Minnesota Timberwolves Up
By Tom Schreier - Sep 26, 2016
I’m just happy to be here, and I figure if LeBron can go home why can’t I? — Kevin Garnett at the press conference announcing his return, […]
Paul Molitor on Jose Fernandez: “In a Simple Way, It’s Just the Fragility”
By Tom Schreier - Sep 25, 2016
It was a somber mood in the Minnesota Twins clubhouse on Sunday morning. The television screen in Paul Molitor’s office displayed the tragic news: Jose Fernandez, Miami […]
PROCEDURALLY GENERATED: Curt Schilling, NepentheZ lawsuits; Digital Homicide, Steam Fiasco
By Tom Schreier - Sep 23, 2016
Join Henry Bell, Brandon Bowling and Tom Schreier as they discuss the games they’ve been playing, the Curt Schilling (1:02) and NepentheZ (1:13) lawsuits and the Digital […]
PROCEDURALLY GENERATED: Pokemon Go Buddy System, Valve Review Meltdown and Chris Metzen Retiring
By Tom Schreier - Sep 15, 2016
Procedurally Generated is back after a brief haitus — and it has been overhauled. We have a new format where we focus more on a few topics, […]
Paul Molitor is Candid About Where the Minnesota Twins are at Right Now
By Tom Schreier - Sep 12, 2016
I’m not banking on what happened last year, but I do have that optimism because I know what we’re capable of doing. I need to stay calm […]
9/5: Berrios Starting Today, Kepler’s 5K, Three Catchers/One Plate and More
By Tom Schreier - Sep 5, 2016
Happy Labor Day from Target Field where Jose Berrios (2-4, 9.24 ERA) has been recalled from Triple-A and is set to face righty Ian Kennedy (9-9, 3.66 […]
9/4: Berrios to Start; Buxton and Dozier Rake, Polanco at Short and More
By Tom Schreier - Sep 4, 2016
It’s a bit overcast at Target Field today, where Andrew Albers (0-0, 6.97 ERA) faces off against Anthony Ranaudo (1-1, 8.76 ERA) and the Chicago White Sox. […]