Anthony Edwards Is Becoming Overrated
July 18, 2022
Ryen Russillo’s Ant comments [0:05:45] Austin Rivers and Wolves Depth [0:29:00] DeAndre Ayton non-move, and Donovan Mitchell rumors [0:53:00]  
Rudy Gobert is a Timberwolf
July 5, 2022
The Boys are BACK and ready to react to the biggest (Rudy is 7’2″) news in Wolves history. Rudy Gobert is a Timberwolf and Chelanga (@chelangason) and […]
Andrew Wiggins Wins the Finals
June 20, 2022
THE BOYS ARE BACK. On today’s episode Chelanga (@chelangason) and Dylan talk about the Christian Wood trade, the Sixers shopping, The Warriors finals win, and D’Angelo Russell.
2022 Draft Expert @huncho_jman
June 10, 2022
We begin with some Real Stupid News and then Jonah @huncho_jman joins to talk the NBA Draft.
In Memoriam 2022 Part 3 [FIXED AUDIO]
June 8, 2022
More covers are coming your way! Real Stupid News In Memoriams: 6ers, Suns, Bulls [25:00]
In Memoriam 2022 Part 3
June 7, 2022
More covers are coming your way! Real Stupid News In Memoriams [6ers, Suns, Bulls]
Andrew Wiggins Makes the Finals
May 27, 2022
  Wolves Offseason and Andrew Wiggins w/Travis Shanahan Tim Connelly and Sustainable food w/DEEJ
CnD NBA SHOW: Conference Finals Legacy and In Memoriams pt. 2
May 22, 2022
  Real Stupid News All-Rookie Teams, Wolves GM Search Legacies: Jimmy Butler, Jayson Tatum, Luka Doncic, Steph Curry In Memoriams: Denver, Minnesota, New Orleans
CnD NBA SHOW: In Memoriams Pt. 1 and @Kgformvp211
May 17, 2022
  Real Stupid News MVP, COTY, 6MOTY, Mike Brown, DLol would you rather. In Memoriams: Jazz, Raptors, Nets, Hawks. @Kgformvp211 Kai talks Wolves with us.
CnD NBA SHOW: DLollapalooza
May 2, 2022
Che & Dyl talk about what they learned from the Timberwolves and the Grizzlies so far in the playoffs. Then they discuss the D’Angelo Russell question and […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Game 5 in Memphis Preview
April 26, 2022
We start with some real stupid news before getting to some more Wolves chat.
CnD NBA SHOW: Job’s Not Done
April 25, 2022
Real Stupid News: Joel and Injuries, ROTY, Ben Simmons [07:30] Game Reax [21:00]