CnD NBA SHOW: The Fib at the Crib Game
April 22, 2022
Lots of complaining in this one.
CnD NBA SHOW: 1-0 Wolves
April 18, 2022
Dylan and Chelanga review the game and end up discussing ethics within the food industry. I highly suggest skipping this one if you enjoy food.
CnD NBA SHOW: Memphis Series Preview
April 16, 2022
RSN: PG, Bev Fines, Ant Puppies [00:00] Over Under reviews [15:00] Memphis Series Preview [34:45]
April 13, 2022
Dylan and Chelanga are on cloud 1.
CnD NBA SHOW: Wolves Clinch the 7th Seed
April 9, 2022
First, Dylan brags about working 80 hour weeks because that makes him better than you. Then, the boys talk Matisse, RIP Lakers, and what would the show […]
CnD NBA SHOW: State of the Wolves and Lynx with @Y0Leo
April 4, 2022
CND ratings reveal? [0:00:00] RSN: Ben Simmons, Lightyear, Doc Rivers [0:06:00] @Y0Leo on the Wolves [0:16:15] @Y0Leo’s Lynx season preview [0:52:30]
CnD NBA SHOW: Timberwolves Turmoil and Jake’s Graphs Bonus Content
March 31, 2022
Real Stupid News: 76ers/Celtics unvaxxed?, Lakers, PG Timberwolves Update Strike Update Jake’s Graphs Bonus Content
CnD NBA SHOW: 5th Seed Here We Come
March 21, 2022
On this Episode of the CnJ NBA Show, Chelanga tries a new co-host on for size as Josh from Twitter (@posterboyjosh) joins to talk about the new […]
CnD NBA SHOW: KAT goes for 60
March 15, 2022
Che & Dyl marvel at Karl-Anthony Towns’ big night. Real Stupid News: Kyrie, Pop, KG [0:00] NFT Minute [11:00] Wolves Update [15:00]
CnD NBA SHOW: Malik and the Top 10 Centers in the NBA
March 11, 2022
Che & Dyl are back for a long one. NFL Jabber [00:00] Real Stupid News: Westbrick, Danny Marang? [02:40] Malik and Wolves [31:30] Top 10 Centers in […]
CnD NBA SHOW: 6th Seed Hopes with @LaltenNBA
March 7, 2022
Real Stupid News: Wolves Playoff Seeding, LeBron, Wiggins, Pelicans, Stauskas. [00:00] Logan Alten (@LaltenNBA) joins todiscuss Iowa Wolves. [30:00]
CnD NBA SHOW: Winning a B2B
March 2, 2022
It’s been a long time coming. Quick RSN and then Wolves talk.