Ready for some, um, offbeat analysis?

That’s right. On Christmas Day when the Timberwolves go up against Lonzo Ball and the Los Angeles Lakers, TNT’s Inside the NBA crew, consisting of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal, will be on the call the entire evening.

Normally TNT’s go-to pregame, halftime and postgame crew, the foursome will get an opportunity to show off their chops mid-game.

Ernie Johnson is the lone member of the group with extensive experience calling live sports, most recently serving as a play-by-play voice of the MLB playoffs in 2015.

The rest of them have some spot experience, but none of them have done it on a full-time basis.

Still, the four of them are considered one of the more entertaining crews in the sports broadcasting industry. And when they have been live – even if not for an actual game – it can be fun.

Kenny Smith in 2000 might be the best example of this.

The entertainment factor is huge for this crew in-part, perhaps, to make up for their questionable analysis.

Sometimes, they even struggle to get through a point. Still, it’s fun to watch.

It’s hard to imagine what they’ll have to say about the Wolves and the Lakers, but it will be a unique experience for all those watching.

It should be fun, too.

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