MOLESKY: Top 10 Wolves Dunks Of All Time

We’ve reached a bit of an NBA news lull, so what better time than to do a countdown of the top-10 dunks in Timberwolves history?

Have a look:

10. Kevin Love over Rudy Gobert (Utah Jazz) — 2013-14

While he was not known for the jam, in his best season with the Wolves, Love climbed the ladder against the young Jazz center with a nice dunk driving right down the middle of the paint.

9. Latrell Sprewell over Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) — 2003-04

Sprewell will be remembered more for his years in New York with the Knicks, though he did spend a few seasons with the Timberwolves. While the dunk was not actually over Bryant, as the dunk was off a steal and sent down to an open Sprewell, he did fight through the attempted chase down block. Fending off Bryant for the dunk was a power move for the shooter.

8. Isaiah Rider over Elmore Spencer (Los Angeles Clippers) — 1994-95

This was an impressive dunk because of the traffic in the paint that Rider threaded through to make it to the rack. Then he climbed the ladder against the seven-foot Spencer for the jam.

7. Corey Brewer over Derek Fisher (Los Angeles Lakers) — 2009-10

This is a nasty dunk by Brewer because of the distance he went through the air, putting Fisher on an embarrassing poster before sending him to the hardwood. However, Brewer has a better dunk yet, as this one was mostly uncontested and Fisher conceded the dunk almost immediately. Still…a great jam.

6. Zach LaVine over Jeff Green (Memphis Grizzlies) — 2014-15

The young UCLA product showed early on that he prefers to be airborne and dunking more than anything else. While the trade for Jimmy Butler was the right move, the dunk show will be missed in the Twin Cities. This was a particularly nice jam because he went through the Grizzlies’ double team at the top of the key, then airborne and pulled the ball under the attempted block of Green to swing the ball down and back up again for the jam. That is a lot of airtime.

5. Andrew Wiggins over JaVale McGee (Golden State Warriors) — 2016-17

Wiggins has had some great dunks on the rack, but his elevation against the bigger McGee was exceptional. Almost as pretty is his shake to get free at the 3-point line before climbing the ladder over the Warriors center.

4. Kevin Garnett over Nene (Denver Nuggets) — 2003-04

The Big Ticket makes his appearance for the first time with a monstrous jam on the bigger Nene. He matches muscle with muscle, beating the Nuggets big man with a silky shake to the basket for the rim rocker.

3. Karl-Anthony Towns over Jonas Valanciunas (Toronto Raptors) — 2016-17

Some dunks have a certain authority to them. A force that speaks of a dominance that the other player could simply not hope to match up against. Despite being in his first year, Towns showed that level of offensive talent straight from the word go, symbolized perfectly with this disrespectful dunk on the Raptors center.

2. Brewer over Robin Lopez (Phoenix Suns) — 2009-10

This was an annihilation of the Suns big man Lopez, a man who should be able to handle the smaller Brewer in a jump off. Instead, Brewer goes all the way up and drills the jam with ease.

1. Garnett over Andre Bargnani and Kris Humphries (Toronto Raptors) — 2006-07

The video at the start — which has both Garnett dunks on the list — was needed because the Big Ticket deserves to have plenty of highlights displayed. However, this dunk takes the cake because of the ferocity of the way he melted the Raptors defense. Not only did he put Bargnani on his ass, he then launched from a near standstill over Humphries for a vicious attack on the rim. He is not only the best player to wear the Wolves jersey, he also owns the best dunk in Wolves history.

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