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Aaron Rodgers Renews Green Bay Country Club Membership

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The biggest storyline of the offseason thus far has been the fractured relationship between the Green Bay Packer’s front office and star quarterback and reigning MVP Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers and the front office have come to a standstill with little to no communication between the sides as Aaron has sat out for all offseason activities, and shows no signs of returning to them any time soon.

As this saga has continued to drag on and on, it feels like anyone and everyone has had an opinion on what should happen between Rodgers and the Packers. Media personalities like Colin Cowherd have stoked the fire by having anyone who has any sort of connection to the NFL or Rodgers discuss what could and should happen. Even former Heisman Winner/not good guy OJ Simpson has come out with his own take on the situation.

While everyone talks about what could happen, nobody seems to be hearing anything from Rodgers himself. While the Packers have maintained that they will under no circumstances trade Rodgers away, Rodgers has been oddly quiet about the whole situation. Instead of talking to the media about this, Rodgers has resorted to passive-aggressive jabs at the team through various forms of media. Last week during an interview before his televised golfing match, Rodgers sported a T-Shirt that simply read “I’m offended.”

While Rodgers tends to speak through his action, something interesting to note for Packers fans would be that he renewed his membership to the Green Bay Country Club for the season. Cue the dramatic sound effects.

Optimistic fans could read this as a sign that Rodgers has resigned his fate for this season and is potentially on the cusp of returning. Why else would he renew his membership at the Green Bay Country Club? It isn’t exactly on par with Pebble Beach or Augusta when it comes to golf courses, and it wouldn’t make sense for him to renew his membership if he wasn’t going to play there this year.

Fans who are skeptical, however, might have a different take on the situation. Most Country Clubs have an automatic renewal each year unless the member goes out of their way to cancel the membership, so this could either be a case of forgetting to cancel it or indifference on the part of Rodgers. After all, what’s a few thousand dollars to a man that has made over $100 million in his career.

Only time will tell what, if anything this meant.

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