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Florio Reveals an Aaron Rodgers Return Date and the Reasons Behind It

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When national media members appear on local sports radio the conversations are often extremely candid. They’ve been able to step away from the bright light and scrutiny that comes from a national outlet and talk to somebody in a local market.

Mike Florio has never had a problem being forthright and confident and these qualities are bolstered anytime he appears on Paul Allen’s 9 to Noon show on KFAN in Minneapolis. The straightforward, honest, and sometimes playfully contentious conversations will often have gems in them that fans might not get other places.

This past week Thursday he found time from his South Carolina vacation to talk with Paul and at the beginning of the interview laid out what he believes Aaron Rodgers’ true motives are.

Florio stated:

I have believed all along that Rogers is going to show up. I think he wants to keep it uncertain through July 26, the day of the shareholders meeting, so Mark Murphy has to deal with all the crap of the shareholders/fans/cheeseheads who are antsy and upset about all the uncertainty. And then the next day we find out that Aaron Rodgers shows up. I didn’t buy the thing this past weekend when he said “I’ll figure it out in a couple weeks.” Well in a couple of weeks camp opens you better figure it out before a couple of weeks.

He continued:

I think he knows what he’s gonna do and frankly is more likely to get traded if he shows up!

He added the other side‘s perspective by pointing out:

I think Mark Murphy would rather he not show up. Then he becomes the villain They go forward with Jordan Love and they make 30 million net.

Now is Florio 100% correct here? It would be absurd to think that. There’s no way that anybody knows what Rodgers is really thinking about right now. But every Packer fan who’s had a front row seat to both Aaron Rodger’s greatness and his pettiness can see this being the case. He said as much about the culture in his interview with Kenny Mayne. It’s not a stretch to believe that he would go to some lengths to expose that culture to the organization and fanbase.

This certainly won’t be the last piece of Aaron Rodgers speculation, but for Packer fans it is both interesting and possibly a sign of good news if you’re hoping to see number 12 in camp. Unless like Florio said he’s more likely to be traded by showing up. We should have our answer soon, in 9 days to be exact if Mike is correct.

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