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Jordan Love Considering Trade Request, Per Insider

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It seems you can’t have a Green Bay Packers off-season if you don’t have quarterback drama. After multiple years of dealing with Aaron Rodgers’ “will he won’t he” situation, the Packers may now have to deal with the concerns of their other quarterback.

Appearing on Homer & Tony, for ESPN Milwaukee, trusted Green Bay insider Jason Wilde detailed his conversation with Jordan Love.

“I had a really great conversation with Jordan [Love] on Friday afternoon,” Wilde said. “I think he very clearly, even though he wouldn’t flat-out say it, he does not want to sit for another year. So, if we get to year four, and Rodgers does come back, I am fairly confident that he will seek a trade.”

Not a surprising piece of information necessarily, given the circumstances, but it is the closest to any insight we’ve gotten on Jordan Love’s thought process.

The Packers find themselves in a nearly impossible to navigate situation. Unless Brian Gutekunst finds a crystal ball or learns how to tell the future either path that Green Bay chooses could come with major downside.

If they move on from Aaron Rodgers in some way, shape or form and he goes on to win a title elsewhere while Jordan Love fails to live up to expectations, it will be devastating. If Rodgers stays around and we get more of this year and Love goes on to be a star elsewhere, it will also be devastating.

With Jordan Love, according to Wilde, ready to force the situation more than Aaron Rodgers ever did as a youngster, it appears Green Bay will have a much harder time navigating this situation than the Rodgers Favre transition. And oh by the way, the rumors are already flying.

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