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Keyshawn Johnson Defends Young Green Bay Receivers

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Aaron Rodgers did what Aaron Rodgers does. He honestly answered a question at the podium. HE didn’t think the Packers played well enough and I don’t think many would disagree. It was a standard response for an underwhelming victory and one you would expect from a guy in charge of a team with such big goals.

The morning sports shows used the quarterback’s comments as another opportunity to question his wide receivers but this time a couple of guys who actually played the sport didn’t take the bait.

“Are the Packers young receivers good enough to sustain a deep playoff run?”

That was the question tossed at Jeff Saturday, Keyshawn Johnson and Stephen a Smith on today’s episode of First Take. And despite Steven A’s dramatic facial expressions both of the former all pro football players resoundingly agreed yes.

Speaking first Saturday made it very clear that not only were the Packers the second best team in the NFC right now, despite a lack of flashy wins, but they were only going to get better.

“Absolutely. Listen, master troll job that our boy Aaron Rodgers put out that this is not sustainable. It’s absolutely sustainable. He threw a pick-six in Green Bay which I think is his fourth in dang near 2 decades. He will not do that again, so he understands he ain’t going to play that way. However you want to look at this, this group is good enough to carry this football team. The best two players are the running backs in the backfield and Rodgers is bringing these guys along. Randall Cobb has played lights out and these other guys are picking it up. Their defense is playing well. This is the second best team in the NFC right now. They will continue to get better…This is a good football team their receivers are good enough to carry them in the playoffs.”

As Saturday finished a nearly exasperated Keyshawn Johnson leaned in.

“Certainly good enough to carry them to make a deep playoff run. They are only going to get better. When you talk about young dudes Like Romeo Doubs he’s going to get better. That touchdown he dropped, that’s not going to happen again. And on top of that Aaron Rodgers trust Romeo Doubs enough that he threw him 3 balls after that to get Mason Crosby in field-goal range.

Look it’s hard as heck to play against Bill Belichick and the things that he does from a defensive standpoint. Let alone a bunch of young receivers they got to understand coverages things being thrown at them…And if you know anything about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers all they do is get better throughout the course of the season.”

It’s not surprising that a couple of guys who actually played the game can truly see what’s happening in Green Bay. Have there been miscues? Absolutely. Do the wide receivers need to improve? 100%. But this is not last year’s team. This isn’t a pass-first Davante Adams led scoring offense. This is the new Green Bay Packers. A team that’s led by running and defense. A team that’s built to win against anybody and then oh yeah you have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time there too.

This group is being built so that they can be unstoppable in the playoffs and not flashy during the regular season. The past few years have shown us what the latter style gets you when everything’s on the line. Sit back and enjoy this new team being built and don’t for a minute buy into the narrative that these receivers aren’t good enough. It’s not about the receivers, it’s about the offense and this offense by the end of the season will be a different sort of unstoppable than anything we’ve previously seen in Green Bay. IF you want to watch the whole segment you can click below it’s definitely worth your while.

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