It’s Starting to Look Like Spielman Nailed the 2020 Draft
By Chris Schad - Nov 11, 2020
The Minnesota Vikings have risen from the dead! Once 1-5 with visions of a complete teardown, they have picked up a pair of wins and found themselves […]
Dalvin Cook Isn’t 2012 Adrian Peterson
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Why the Vikings Made the Right Decision at the Trade Deadline
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The Best of the Best Vikings-Packers Moments
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Will Jaire Alexander Cover Thielen or Jefferson?
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3 Outside the Box Trades the Vikings Should Consider
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3 Vikings Bill Belichick Would Have Moved On From
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An Intervention for 2020 Vikings Fans
By Chris Schad - Oct 20, 2020
You may have noticed that this is not an Adam Thielen Mankato State Highlight Party or a therapy group for people who still remember the 1991 Halloween […]
Sunday Could be the Vikings’ Annual “WTF” Game
By Chris Schad - Oct 16, 2020
Throughout Mike Zimmer’s tenure with the Minnesota Vikings, there have been many elements that have lacked consistency. With quarterbacks’ knees exploding, rouge play sheets and a roulette […]
Why Can’t the Vikings Find Guards?
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As we inch closer to Halloween, the Minnesota Vikings continue to be the NFL’s closest thing to a slasher flick. While I sat down for a bowl […]
The Vikings Need to Play Better Coming Out of Halftime
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Through the first four weeks of the season, the Minnesota Vikings have struggled in their first drive of the second half. This has not only limited their […]
The Stefon Diggs Trade Looks Like a Win-Win for the Vikings and Bills
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In the NFL, most trades have a winner and a loser. While one team usually reaps the benefits of a franchise-changing move, the other wonders what the […]