Do the Vikings Have A Final Act?
By Chris Schad - Dec 2, 2023
If the Minnesota Vikings’ season was a musical, it could be in any number of genres. In some ways, the season has become a tragedy, marred by […]
The Vikings Are Singing A Different Tune After Losing to the Bears
By Chris Schad - Nov 29, 2023
In the hours before the trade deadline, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah sat in his office trying to decide what to do with the Minnesota Vikings. We don’t exactly know […]
The Jordan Love Situation Is Playing Out Perfectly For the Vikings
By Chris Schad - Nov 25, 2023
It was a glorious Thanksgiving at the Smolenski household in Appleton, Wisconsin. The turkey was on the table. They had cooked circus peanuts. The Miller Lite was […]
There’s An Invisible Factor Slowing Down Minnesota’s Backfield
By Chris Schad - Nov 21, 2023
Many things went wrong for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday night. Kevin O’Connell’s play-calling in the red zone wasn’t great. Patrick Surtain neutralized Jordan Addison. Josh Oliver […]
The Broncos Are the Vikings In An Alternate Reality
By Chris Schad - Nov 18, 2023
The Minnesota Vikings were 1-4 only five weeks ago. With their season circling the drain, the fanbase was split in two directions on how the Vikings should […]
Kwesi Adofo-Mensah Is On A Heater That Has Fueled His Competitive Rebuild
By Chris Schad - Nov 14, 2023
Just one month ago, some people wondered if the Minnesota Vikings would win five games this season. But after Sunday’s win over the New Orleans Saints, the […]
Josh Dobbs’ Mobility Could Fix Minnesota’s Running Game
By Chris Schad - Nov 10, 2023
Many people didn’t understand why the Minnesota Vikings released Dalvin Cook last summer. Cook was one of the greatest running backs in franchise history. He was one […]
The Twins Will Be Okay Even If They Cut Payroll
By Chris Schad - Nov 9, 2023
The tension filled the air at Target Field. The Minnesota Twins were making an important decision that would shape the foundation of their season. Fans waited with […]
The Minnesota Vikings Are the Team That Won’t Die … Again
By Chris Schad - Nov 7, 2023
The vibes in the Minnesota Vikings locker room were immaculate. Kevin O’Connell stood in front of his team, waiting for the arrival of his new quarterback, who […]
Kirk Cousins Will Determine His Ultimate Fate In Minnesota
By Chris Schad - Nov 4, 2023
There has been a lot of support for Kirk Cousins in the days after his season-ending injury. Fans have made tribute videos to the man that they […]
The Twins Are An Example of Why MLB’s Playoff System Works
By Chris Schad - Nov 2, 2023
With the World Series coming to a close, there are a lot of people who are feeling disappointed. It has nothing to do with the season-ending injuries […]
The Vikings Are In the QB Situation They Were Trying To Avoid
By Chris Schad - Oct 31, 2023
The Minnesota Vikings knew they were in trouble when Kirk Cousins limped off the field on Sunday afternoon. Cousins was playing the best football of his career. […]