Building the Vikings’ Perfect Coaching Candidate
By Chris Schad - Jan 14, 2022
In the wake of Mike Zimmer’s firing, the Minnesota Vikings have a long list of criteria for their next head coach. They need to find someone who […]
Minnesota’s Fresh Start Can’t Begin With Kirk Cousins
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Monday was a big day for the Minnesota Vikings. They fired Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman after missing the playoffs in back-to-back seasons. The moves opened many […]
The 2002 Twins Were The Most Important Team In Franchise History
By Chris Schad - Jan 10, 2022
The Minnesota Twins have had many great teams throughout their history. The 1965 Twins gave Minnesota its first taste of success in professional sport, and the 1987 […]
Mike Zimmer Has Entered Full ‘Two Weeks’ Mode
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Mike Zimmer was in a bad mood when he stepped up to the podium on Sunday night. The Minnesota Vikings had just been stomped by the Green […]
What Is Going On With Kellen Mond?
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It was a cold, dreary night at Lambeau Field. With Kirk Cousins out, the Minnesota Vikings turned to career backup Sean Mannion. But, after three quarters of […]
Mike Zimmer Has Broken Bill Parcells’ Rules for Success
By Chris Schad - Jan 4, 2022
When the Minnesota Vikings hired Mike Zimmer as their head coach, he reached out to Bill Parcells for advice. Zimmer’s mentor was bullish on his pupil’s prospects […]
Kirk Cousins’ Positive Test Is A Fitting Coda To the Vikings Season
By Chris Schad - Dec 31, 2021
Kirk Cousins‘ vaccination status was a hot topic when he arrived for training camp. Although he billed it as a “private decision,” it became unavoidably public when […]
Why Are the Packers More Opportunistic Than the Vikings?
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If you watch a Green Bay Packers game with a group of Minnesota Vikings fans, you’ll hear the same thing. Why do they always get the calls? […]
Kyle Sloter Is A Vikings Legend and You’re Wrong If You Disagree
By Chris Schad - Dec 29, 2021
There are many important figures in the history of the Minnesota Vikings. Bud Grant was the stoic leader who guided his team to four Super Bowls. Randy […]
Ownership Should Take Note Of What Justin Jefferson Is Saying
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When Justin Jefferson arrived at the US Bank Stadium last Sunday, there was plenty of reason to be excited. The Minnesota Vikings were in position to take […]
What Good Came Out Of the 2021 Season For the Twins?
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With the calendar year 2021 winding down, many of us will sit down with a piece of paper this week and write down things we would like […]
The Vikings Will Be Fine Without Dalvin Cook
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When the Minnesota Vikings began this season, they were a team with plenty of talent. With big names on both sides of the ball, they were expected […]