The (Under) Dogs Are Barking: Week 13
By Dave Sinykin - Dec 1, 2023
We’re coming off a historically strong week for the favorites. Had the Vikings covered on Monday night, a record 13 faves would have hit in Week 12. […]
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking: Week 12
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 25, 2023
We’re in the midst of the best football week of the year, one that got started off in spectacular fashion (from my standpoint). The Packers were the […]
Green Bay Packers
Packers Get Charge(r)s Dropped
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 20, 2023
Well, what do you know? Maybe these young Green Bay Packers are learning how to win. Then again, maybe the Los Angeles Chargers are just really good […]
Green Bay Packers
Packers Picked the Right Throwbacks To Wear This Weekend
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 18, 2023
On Sunday, the Green Bay Packers will wear their throwback 1950s uniforms: all green, with gold numbers, green socks, and plain gold helmets. The uniform harkens back […]
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking: Week 11
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 17, 2023
On the heels of another winning week, we move on to Week 11, an unusual slate with seven dogs of a touchdown or more. I’ve identified three […]
Green Bay Packers
Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 13, 2023
The Green Bay Packers’ recipe list of recurring issues bubbled up again on Sunday in their 23-19 loss in Pittsburgh: bad run defense, drops, and special teams […]
Green Bay Packers
The Steel City Drought Will Likely Continue
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 10, 2023
Let’s get this out of the way. There’s no way in hell I’m picking the Pack to win in Pittsburgh for the first time since 1970. I […]
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking: Week 10
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 10, 2023
We’ve reached the halfway point of the season and find ourselves at 14-12-1 – not bad, but not great. But in a year when favorites are hitting […]
Green Bay Packers
A Step In the Right Direction 
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 6, 2023
Progress. That’s what we were looking for on Sunday from the young Green Bay Packers. It’s fair to say we saw some. We wanted to see the […]
Green Bay Packers
It’s the Dawning of a New Reality for the Pack
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 3, 2023
For me, last week felt like a line-in-the-sand game for the Green Bay Packers. Win the game, and you’re very much in the mix for an NFC […]
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking: Week 9
By Dave Sinykin - Nov 3, 2023
After an unsatisfying 1-1-1 week, we’re back for Week 9’s slate, which features a lot of QB uncertainty and a bunch of short lines: eight of the […]
Green Bay Packers
Packers Fold and Then Play 52 Pick Up
By Dave Sinykin - Oct 30, 2023
If you’ve come looking for optimism, I give you the Monday morning Rashan Gary signing. You’re on your own after that. After a frightful performance befitting Halloween […]