Minnesota’s Training Staff Allowed Them Gamble In Free Agency
By Matt Fries - Mar 20, 2023
It’s rare that a team’s training staff makes headlines for positive reasons, but the Minnesota Vikings’ staff’s performance has been praised multiple times over the past month. […]
What Makes Byron Murphy A Brian Flores Corner?
By Matt Fries - Mar 16, 2023
On Wednesday, the Minnesota Vikings announced that they agreed to terms with free-agent cornerback Byron Murphy, who the Arizona Cardinals drafted in 2019. The news broke Tuesday […]
Nolan Smith Is A Perfect Fit For Flores’ Scheme
By Matt Fries - Mar 10, 2023
The NFL Combine is a fun time for fans, who get to see some of the most athletic people in the world perform for a television audience. […]
There’s One Way To Handle Danielle Hunter’s Contract
By Matt Fries - Mar 3, 2023
The Minnesota Vikings will undergo significant changes on the defensive side of the ball this offseason given their cap situation and after they named Brian Flores as […]
Brian Flores’ Defense: Overview and Additional Resources
By Matt Fries - Mar 1, 2023
This article serves as a hub for my series on Brian Flores’ defense, as well as providing additional resources to learn about the Belichick/Saban/Flores style of defense: […]
Brian Flores’ Defense, Part 4: Zone Coverage
By Matt Fries - Feb 24, 2023
Part 1 of this series is available here. Part 2 is available here. Part 3 can be found here. So far, we’ve covered the bread and butter […]
Brian Flores’ Defense, Part 3: Physicality in Man Coverage
By Matt Fries - Feb 21, 2023
Part 1 of this series can be found here. Part 2 can be found here. Coverage structure is the biggest change the Vikings’ defense will be making […]
Brian Flores’ Defense, Part 2: Aggression
By Matt Fries - Feb 19, 2023
Part 1 of this series covers the personnel that Brian Flores uses in his defenses. It can be found here. In his opening press conference, Brian Flores […]
Brian Flores’ Defense, Part 1: Versatility Is Key
By Matt Fries - Feb 16, 2023
Last Monday, the Minnesota Vikings announced the hire of former Pittsburgh Steelers’ linebackers coach Brian Flores as their new defensive coordinator. Flores began his NFL career as […]