GELFAND: Find a Friend Who Can Guess Games Wrong For You (and Week 2 Picks)
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 14, 2018
As NFL shills used to say, even the worst teams can win on any given Sunday. And that’s also true for the worst gamblers. The point spread […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: Week 2 NFL Plays & A Doubly Epic Bad Beat Story
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 12, 2018
Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom review their Week 1 NFL bets, bemoan their losses and celebrate their wins. They’ve got some Week 2 plays and […]

GELFAND: Good Gamblers Know It’s All About How You Start (Week 1 NFL Picks)
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 6, 2018
Outside my cramped home office, nature lives in far more harmony than we humans. A well-nourished doe munches on what remains of my hostas. Oh, well. A […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: Week 1 NFL Plays & Eerie Gambling Stats
By Mike Gelfand - Sep 6, 2018
Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom make their Week 1 NFL selections, and Sam has some data from the last 15 years of point spreads that […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: College Week 1, Super Bowl Hangovers & Gophers “Excitement”
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 30, 2018
Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom review last week’s plays and start fresh with new picks for college football’s opening weekend. TOP PLAYS COLTON: Louisville Cardinals […]
GELFAND: Who Says You Can’t Wager on Preseason Football?
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 23, 2018
For the true — that is, feverish and perhaps unhinged — gambler, the NFL season begins with Week 3 of what we used to call the exhibition […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: Preseason NFL Plays, MLB Pet Peeves and … Soccer Betting?
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 23, 2018
Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom review last week’s bets, discuss Colton’s strange fixation on soccer betting, hear out Mike’s pet peeve of baseball celebrations and […]
THE MINNESOTA LINE: NFL Preseason & Futures Strategies
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 17, 2018
Mike “Stretch” Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom kick off The Minnesota Line, a new gambling show from the Zone Coverage Podcast Network. They talk about their […]
GELFAND: Fantasy Football with Pinsky, the 85-Year-Old Former Professor
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 16, 2018
Wasn’t it Robert Frost who asked: “Ah, when to the heart of man Was it ever less than a treason To go with the drift of things, […]
GELFAND: Twins May Require a Longer Rebuild to Fix Current Situation
By Mike Gelfand - Aug 6, 2018
For long-suffering Twins fans, the front office decision to pretty much start all over was a bitter pill to swallow. I can relate. Oh, I’m not really […]
GELFAND: “For Years Now, Lefty Has Been a Brand Far More Than a Golfer”
By Mike Gelfand - Jul 12, 2018
Here’s one you might have missed: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson got together to exchange rapid-fire banter the other day, and, as you might expect, the bon […]
GELFAND: Can Anyone Beat Justify in Saturday’s Belmont Stakes?
By Mike Gelfand - Jun 7, 2018
Before I throw out some picks for Saturday’s Belmont Stakes, it’s only fair to acknowledge that the 1 1/2 mile race is a vestigial ritual that became […]