Green Bay Packers
Green Bay’s Day 2 Selections Show Commitment To Love and LaFleur’s Offense
By Troy Asseln - May 1, 2023
Aaron Rodgers‘ departure was a long time coming, but his absence won’t be truly felt until the Green Bay Packers take the field again. With Jordan Love […]
Inside the Target Center Crowd That Went Silent In the Fourth Quarter
By Troy Asseln - Apr 22, 2023
Friday’s Game 3 loss to the Denver Nuggets was the first time all season I have walked out of the Target Center with time still left on […]
Green Bay Packers
Packers Fans Should Welcome Jordan Love With Gusto
By Troy Asseln - Apr 12, 2023
The Aaron Rodgers departure is all but official. Tabloids have closed the book on his chapter with the Green Bay Packers as the team looks towards the […]
Minnesota’s Link To Los Angeles Sets Up A Future Of Regret
By Troy Asseln - Apr 1, 2023
The playoff chase in the Western Conference is as exciting as it has been in a long time. Regardless of whether or not you think the play-in […]
Green Bay Packers
Losing Free Agents Within the Division Isn’t A Bad Thing For Green Bay
By Troy Asseln - Mar 25, 2023
The (green and) gold standard of excellence in the NFC North has historically been the Green Bay Packers. Barring a couple of outlier seasons, Green Bay has […]
The Price the Timberwolves Pay For Inconsistency
By Troy Asseln - Mar 8, 2023
It is a bright sunny morning on Tuesday, March 7. In roughly 12 hours, the Minnesota Timberwolves would tip off against the Philadelphia 76ers. The Wolves have […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers Won’t Do What You Want On Draft Day (And That’s OK)
By Troy Asseln - Feb 26, 2023
The only silver lining to a terrible season is a high draft pick. However, the Green Bay Packers didn’t play quite terribly enough to get a “high” […]
How Valid Is Minnesota’s “Bad Whistle” Theory?
By Troy Asseln - Feb 20, 2023
What is a “bad whistle?” You’d think after years of getting one, the fans of YOUR basketball team would know what a bad whistle is. Every night […]
Acquiring Conley Reaffirms Minnesota’s Bright Future
By Troy Asseln - Feb 13, 2023
The NBA media landscape is smattered with consensus takes that the Minnesota Timberwolves are in complete disarray. This animosity has seeped into the veins of the fanbase, […]
Green Bay Packers
How Bad Does A Packers Coach Have To Be To Get Fired?
By Troy Asseln - Feb 9, 2023
Akin to the age-old riddle of whether or not the chicken comes before the egg, many Green Bay Packers fans may be wondering how much it actually […]
Be Patient With the Rudy Gobert Trade
By Troy Asseln - Jan 30, 2023
You know what they say: time is a flat circle. Well, I say that, at least. I picked it up somewhere, and it’s just sort of stuck. […]
Green Bay Packers
Has Rodgers Earned the Right to Decide His Own Fate?
By Troy Asseln - Jan 21, 2023
“There is only one quality worse than hardness of heart and that is softness of head.” — Theodore Roosevelt The Green Bay Packers head back into an […]