By Zach Bennett - Oct 9, 2016
Minnesota Timberwolves Jump from No. 9 to No. 5 in ESPN Future Rankings
By Cold Omaha Wire - Oct 4, 2016
WOLVES WIRED: The Season Has (Basically) Started!
By Zach Bennett - Oct 3, 2016
9/28: Wolves Players Discuss Grind of Thibs’ Practices, Learning His Defense
By Tom Schreier - Sep 28, 2016
It’s going to be a common theme early this season: Tom Thibodeau is going to work his guys hard, and he’s going to insist that they know […]
Video and Highlights from Minnesota Timberwolves Media Day 2016
By Tom Schreier - Sep 26, 2016
It’s finally here! For Minnesota sports fans discouraged by the Twins season and happily befuddled by the heavily-injured but never-say-die Vikings, the Timberwolves are here to sell hope. The […]
SI: Kevin Garnett is Most Influential Player Since Michael Jordan
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Kevin Garnett’s Return Woke the Minnesota Timberwolves Up
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WOLVES WIRED: Media Day Preview with Comedian Mike Brody
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WOLVES WIRED: Kevin Garnett Retirement Edition ft. Andy Grimsrud and William Bohl
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Tim and Zach welcome Andy Grimsrud of Punch-Drunk Wolves and cynical basketball blogger, William Bohl, to discuss all things RE: Kevin Garnett’s retirement. All that and more […]
SI Breaks Down Kevin Garnett’s Relationship with Minnesota Timberwolves
By Cold Omaha Wire - Sep 22, 2016
Rob Mahoney of Sports Illustrated explored Kevin Garnett’s complicated relationship with the Minnesota Timberwolves in a recent piece on SI.com. “Kevin Garnett’s 2015 return to the Minnesota Timberwolves was […]
WOLVES WIRED Turns 1! (& a Preview of the Atlantic Division)
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WOLVES WIRED: Ep. 44: “You Can’t Make Sense of Things That Don’t Make Sense”
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