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CnD NBA Old Guy Draft
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The Timberwolves Will Go 0-4 in the 2024 WCF
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It’s Not Over
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Anthony Edwards says that this series is not over and technically, he’s right! Nate (@Netglow) joins the show today to talk about what hope – if any […]
Can the Wolves Bounce Back?
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Yikes! That was, um, not good! The Timberwolves got blown out in game 1 against the Denver Nuggets, but fear not – the CnD Boys are here […]
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Luka Garza Film Study
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Wolves talk and then the Brendan Fraser Hour.  
Is Karl Coming Back This Season?
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Real Stupid News (Jaden nicknames, Kendrick Perkins, Definition of Woke, Ja Morant, are guns good?, what is good?, Rudy Gobert’s Instagram) is followed by Wolves talk around […]
The Reintegration of Karl with a K
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Anthony Edwards is an All-Star (Injury Replacement)
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