The Timberwolves Are Now TOO Good :'(
By Dylan Carlson - Nov 23, 2023
One Shoe Wolves
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The Brawl in the Bay
By Chelanga Langason - Nov 17, 2023
KAT Has Played 1% of His Minutes at SF
By Dylan Carlson - Nov 12, 2023
On today’s Sode, Chelanga and Dylan critique Bomani’s Karl takes, Wemby for Ant, KAT being Benjamin Button KG, and they address why Stephen A. Smith needs to […]
Anthony Edwards: The New Face of the NBA
By Dylan Carlson - Nov 7, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan definitely do not take this one too far we promise. Don’t forget to buy your Slomosexual T-Shirt at jakesgraphs.com/cnd with the Promo Code “rollcall”!  
Dylan Also Destroyed the Nuggets
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Honk if you love Naz Reid
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Trade KAT
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2023-24 NBA Power Rankings Draft: Eastern Conference 4-1 and Palestine
By Dylan Carlson - Oct 24, 2023
Before diving back into the Power Rankings Draft, Chelanga and Dylan discuss their hurt in the Israel-Palestine War and what can be done to prevent more needless […]
2023-24 NBA Power Rankings Draft: Eastern Conference 11-5
By Dylan Carlson - Oct 22, 2023
Chelanga and Dylan draft their picks for 11th-5th in the East. Stay Tuned for the rest of the East and West contenders, coming later this week! Don’t […]
2023-24 NBA Power Rankings Draft: 30-21
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34 Greatest Timberwolves of all Time
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