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Kirk and Teddy and Contracts Oh My
By Joe Rogers - Nov 26, 2020
5 Things Vikings Fans Should Be Thankful For
By Joe Rogers - Nov 26, 2020
WATCH: Spielman Talks Teddy, Covid, and Watching Film With ZImmer
By Joe Rogers - Nov 26, 2020
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 11/26
By Nick Hamaty - Nov 26, 2020
Locks Dallas Cowboys -2.5 (-110): The Cowboys have had a short, emotional week after the passing of strength coach Markus Paul. Paul was rushed to the hospital […]
This Season Will End in a Very Viking-ish Way
By Nik Edlund - Nov 26, 2020
Saying the Minnesota Vikings 2020 season has been a bit of a roller coaster would be like saying the Mississippi River is a bit of a stream. […]
How Teddy Bridgewater Left a Lasting Impact With the Minnesota Vikings
By Sam Ekstrom - Nov 25, 2020
Mike Zimmer Hasn’t Felt at Home This Season
By Bo Mitchell - Nov 25, 2020
The Young Vikings Corners Aren’t Ready for a Bigger Role
By Luke Braun - Nov 25, 2020
Green Bay Packers
The MVS Slander Must Stop
By John Egan - Nov 25, 2020
The Green Bay Packers lost their third game of the season on Nov. 22 to the Indianapolis Colts. It was a hard fought game. It went into […]
WATCH: Greg Coleman is Selected to the Black College Hall of Fame
By Joe Rogers - Nov 25, 2020
For most younger Minnesota Vikings fans Greg Coleman is known for his Pregame Preach and his post game locker room player interviews. Anyone who’s been around longer […]
Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 11/25
By Nick Hamaty - Nov 25, 2020
The Robert Covington Trade Doesn’t Look Great in Hindsight
By Spencer Nelson - Nov 25, 2020