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The Minnesota Vikings’ search for a head coach is in full swing. They finished interviewing the eight names on their docket today. One of the candidates who […]
Minnesota’s Next Step? Be Better In the Clutch
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Clutch is not a word you regularly associate with Minnesota sports teams. It’s been mostly pain for Minnesota sports fans outside of Kirby Puckett’s game-winning home run […]
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The Karl-Anthony Towns era Minnesota Timberwolves have always had a few glaring weaknesses that have prevented them from reaching higher ceilings. One was their defensive identity, with […]
Don’t Let the Playoff Loss Cloud Your Judgment On Kellen Moore
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The resurgent Dallas Cowboys were trailing 23-17 with 14 seconds remaining against the San Francisco 49ers in last week’s wild card playoff matchup. The drive started on […]
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Can Jarred Vanderbilt Win the NBA’s Hustle Award?
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It’s hard to overstate how much Jarred Vanderbilt has done for the Minnesota Timberwolves this year. He plays with the energy and tenacity that Patrick Beverley brought […]
How Many High-Level Quarterbacks Have Been Able to Overcome Bad Defenses?
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For the third time in four years of the Kirk Cousins era, the Minnesota Vikings found themselves outside looking in on the NFL playoffs in 2021. But […]
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The Minnesota Vikings started the process of finding a new head coach a bit later than other teams, but they have done their due diligence in requesting […]
Chris Finch Has Unlocked DLo As A Defender
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We’re halfway through the season, and D’Angelo Russell’s defense is still at an all-time career high. Sitting at a 102.7 defensive rating or DRTG, DLo is ranked […]
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Why Does the Media Treat Anthony Edwards and Cade Cunningham So Differently?
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Anthony Edwards is doing something special right now. He has shot 39.8% from three since Nov. 17, 2021. His shooting efficiency was the largest critique of his […]
2 Purple Dreams and 1 Offseason Nightmare
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Time feels like it’s stood still since the beginning of the pandemic. It might shock you to realize the Los Angeles Lakers won their Mickey Mouse championship […]
Building the Vikings’ Perfect Coaching Candidate
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In the wake of Mike Zimmer’s firing, the Minnesota Vikings have a long list of criteria for their next head coach. They need to find someone who […]
The Loss In Arizona Derailed Minnesota’s Season
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The Vikings Would Be Returning To Their Roots With A Lane Kiffin Hire
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Anthony Edwards Still Has A Lot Of Room to Grow
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Each of Minnesota’s Best Offensive Head Coaching Options Has A Fatal Flaw
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Are the Vikings Overlooking Andre Patterson?
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The Timberwolves Have Something To Prove In Memphis
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The Minnesota Timberwolves have made tremendous leaps this year as they try to separate themselves from their miserable past. With exceptional play from the roster, followed by […]
The Vikings Should Limit Their Search To First-Time Head Coaches
By Mitch Widmeier - Jan 12, 2022
Black Monday hit hard in the NFL, in particular with the Minnesota Vikings. Gone are Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman. Unlike many other teams that are in […]
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Is Pursuing Lane Kiffin A Good Idea For the Vikings?
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Minnesota’s Fresh Start Can’t Begin With Kirk Cousins
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Minnesota’s Big Three Is Benefitting From A Change In Team Culture
By Alex McCormick - Jan 11, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves’ big three have been a giant basked in slumber, waiting to wake up and try to terrify the NBA. Between Injuries and a global […]
An Extended Lockout Would Not Be Good For Royce Lewis’ Development
By CJ Baumgartner - Jan 11, 2022
In June 2017, the Minnesota Twins found themselves drafting first overall for the first time since taking Joe Mauer in the 2001 draft. They had many options, […]
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The 2002 Twins Were The Most Important Team In Franchise History
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The Wolves Are Finally Winning the Games They Should Win
By Troy Asseln - Jan 10, 2022
After yet another convincing win over the Houston Rockets, the Minnesota Timberwolves are 20-20 and .500 on the season. All that talk about Patrick Beverley bringing a […]
Mike Zimmer Went Out On His Own Terms
By Tom Schreier - Jan 10, 2022
Mike Zimmer took a moment before the Minnesota Vikings’ final game this season. Sitting on Minnesota’s bench in front of an empty stadium, we’ll never know what […]
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Green Bay Packers
San Francisco Needs to Prepare for Green Bay’s Pass Rush
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There was so much wrong with the Dallas Cowboys’ game plan dialed up against the San Francisco 49ers. According to Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur, […]
Kahkonen Should Remain Minnesota’s Starting Goalie When Talbot Returns
By Craig Herman - Jan 21, 2022
Kaapo Kähkönen resumed his backup netminding role with the Minnesota Wild after a streaky 2020-21 season. Last year, he rattled off a personal nine-game winning streak which […]
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