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There was a lot of optimism surrounding Cameron Dantzler this year. He was coming off a rookie season that had its ups and downs but finished strong […]
We’re About To See Patrick Peterson’s Impact
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Signing Patrick Peterson to a one-year, $10 million deal seemed like a home run on paper, yet it was met with criticism by a weary fanbase that […]
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Josh Okogie Is Betting On Himself This Year
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Adrian Wojnarowski’s Twitter account is bombarding us with news of massive extensions almost daily. Why? It’s time for the best players from the 2018 draft to get […]
How the Vikings Can Avoid Burnout After the Bye Week
By Tyler Ireland - Oct 21, 2021
Worn out. Spent. Exhausted. That’s the sentiment Vikings players and coaches share heading into the bye week. You’d think by the way the team is talking that […]
Bring Ted Lasso To Minnesota
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Joe Brady Has To Have Been Intrigued By the Vikings Offense
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The Minnesota Vikings escaped another late-game collapse for the second consecutive week, walking off the Carolina Panthers in overtime with a 34-28 victory in Week 6. After […]
How Do the Twins Stack Up In the AL Central Right Now?
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The American League Central Division has become one of the worst divisions in baseball recently. Last year, only the Chicago White Sox finished with a winning record. […]
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5 Numbers That Tell the Story of the Vikings-Panthers Game
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That Walk-Off Win Is Exactly Who The Vikings Are
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In football media, we talk a lot about the idea of sustainability. Sooner or later, the peaks and valleys of a moment-to-moment football game will even out. […]
The Twins Don’t Need To Bring Back Nelson Cruz
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Minnesota Twins fans should have fond memories of Nelson Cruz. His arrival in 2019 transformed the Twins into the Bomba Squad on the field and created a […]
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What Is Mike Zimmer’s Record Against Teams That Mirror His Ideology?
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Week 6 is essentially a make-or-break point of the season for the Minnesota Vikings. After avoiding an embarrassing implosion against the winless Detroit Lions last week inside […]
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The 2021 Minnesota Vikings don’t blow out opponents, but they also don’t get blown out. The only team they’ve beaten convincingly is the Seattle Seahawks, and it […]
Bring Eduardo Escobar Back
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Even in some of the Minnesota Twins’ more forgettable seasons of the last decade, the team had a source of energy and passion that couldn’t be ignored. […]
D’Angelo Russell Is Minnesota’s Lynchpin This Season
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It’s a little more than a week into the NBA preseason, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have managed to remain undefeated after three contests. From the much improved […]
Christian Darrisaw Is Ready To Start Full Time
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At long last, the terrifying reign of Rashod Hill is coming to a close. He has been an unmitigated disaster as a left tackle through five weeks. […]
Film Breakdown: Zimmer and Cousins’ Postgame Exchange
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The Vikings Don’t Look Like A Team That’s Ready To Make A Run
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The Minnesota Vikings are sitting at 2-3 after a 19-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. While they’ve come up on the short end of several winnable games, […]
5 Numbers That Tell the Story Of the Vikings-Lions Game
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The Minnesota Vikings entered the final game of their three-week homestand with a hint of desperation about them. After three close losses in their first four games, […]
Conservative Play Nearly Destroyed the Vikings
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Can Jaylen Nowell Crack the Rotation?
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Report: U.S. Center for SafeSport to Investigate Bill Guerin’s Alleged Role in Lawsuit
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Detroit Lions
Matthew Stafford Showed Loyalty When He Never Really Needed To
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Tiny Nick’s Gambling Picks: 10/22
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Detroit Lions
Benching Jared Goff Wouldn’t Solve Any of Detroit’s Problems
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Everyone wants answers and someone to blame when you start a season 0-6. In the case of the Detroit Lions, a lot of that blame has fallen […]
Kansas City Chiefs
Derrick Henry Isn’t the Chiefs’ Biggest Obstacle to Overcome Sunday
By Justin Wiggins - Oct 22, 2021
How does the old saying go? “An unstoppable force meets an immovable object?” But wait, what would be the opposite of that? “An unstoppable force meets a […]
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Aaron Rodgers’ Trash Talk Was An All-Time Packers Moment
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Patrick Mahomes Isn’t Letting His Family Distract Him
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