The Twins Mission Is To Not Be A Trainwreck In April
By Chris Schad - Apr 5, 2022
It was a frigid spring day at Target Field. Derek Falvey and Thad Levine were sitting in their office high above left field. It was just two […]
The Vikings Are Having A Legitimate “Can He Play Guard?” Battle Royale
By Chris Schad - Apr 4, 2022
The scene was TCO Performance Center. The Minnesota Vikings were getting ready to practice. But instead of the usual setting, there was a wrestling ring set up […]
Kevin O’Connell Is A Different Kind Of Gambler
By Chris Schad - Apr 1, 2022
It’s 3 a.m. at a Las Vegas casino. Mike Zimmer is tired. His eyes are bloodshot. To his left, there’s a pile of cigarette butts. To his […]
Is Carlos Correa Holding Up Minnesota’s Quest for Pitching?
By Chris Schad - Mar 28, 2022
Minnesota Twins fans have been refreshing their Twitter feeds over the last week. The Twins need a starting pitcher. But with roughly one week to go until […]
Is An Easier Road Schedule Influencing Minnesota’s Approach This Offseason?
By Chris Schad - Mar 28, 2022
The Minnesota Vikings don’t just believe they can compete in 2022. They are operating like their jobs depend on it. The Vikings used the same cap strategies […]
Will Justin Jefferson Cost the Price Of An Actual Jet?
By Chris Schad - Mar 25, 2022
Wednesday was a whirlwind for the NFL news cycle. The Kansas City Chiefs offered to make Tyreek Hill the highest-paid receiver in the league. Hill wasn’t interested. […]
Carlos Correa Has the Chance To Become A Baseball Deity In Minnesota
By Chris Schad - Mar 22, 2022
The Minnesota Twins treated their fans to a surprise on Saturday morning when they signed Carlos Correa. But there was still some skepticism when Mark Berman and […]
Why the Vikings Should Add A Receiver Early In the Draft
By Chris Schad - Mar 21, 2022
When the Green Bay Packers traded Davante Adams, it sent shockwaves across the NFL. Dealing Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target was sure to cause a rift on Lombardi Avenue, […]
3 Teams the Vikings Can Use As A Model To Build Their Roster After Extending Cousins
By Chris Schad - Mar 18, 2022
This offseason has been a whirlwind for the Minnesota Vikings. What was supposed to be a new beginning increasingly looks like the same team that trudged off […]
Kirk Cousins Won’t Find A Better Situation Than He Has In 2022
By Chris Schad - Mar 15, 2022
Kirk Cousins has produced more questions than answers in his four seasons with the Minnesota Vikings. Fans have been puzzled by his ability to take over in […]
Welcome to the Most Important Week Of Kwesi Adofo-Mensah’s Life
By Chris Schad - Mar 14, 2022
Within a few short weeks, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah has established himself as the perfect counter to Rick Spielman. The Minnesota Vikings general manager is a smooth-talking, charismatic, analytical […]
What the Minnesota Vikings Can Learn From the Carson Wentz Saga
By Chris Schad - Mar 11, 2022
During the summer of 2020, I suggested that Carson Wentz would join the Minnesota Vikings. Not only that, I suggested that he would become the Vikings’ starter […]