Father’s Day went down over the weekend. And while it’s my new favorite holiday with Mugsy around, it does make me miss my own Dad who passed away in 2008. I take some time to remember the man and then quickly move on, as he would have wanted. He never liked anyone making a big fuss about him. Father’s day is a time to spoil your own father, for tech savvy dads I would suggest which came highly recommended from a friend of mine. Without further ado however…

Today’s Five Things Are:
• What Was the Best Lesson My Dad Taught Me?
• US Men’s Soccer Needs One Star to Be Relevant
• Satellite Camps are Bullsh*t
• Pat Haden & Family Got PAID for “Part-Time” Jobs
• The Yankees Are the Twins’ Daddy

All that and more on this edition of The Andy Carlson Show!

An Andy Carlson Joint

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Listen to the Episode Below (36:44)

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• Michigan AD defends cost of Harbaugh satellite camp tour [ESPN] • Pat Haden and family members earned $2.4M for part-time charitable foundation work [ESPN]

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