How Has Mike Zimmer Fared Against Young, Innovative Play Callers?
By Rob Searles - Sep 21, 2021
The NFL is in the midst of a seismic shift in youthful offensive play-callers. Whether it be Sean McVay with the Los Angeles Rams, Kyle Shanahan with […]
Arizona Will Attack Bashaud Breeland Early and Often
By Rob Searles - Sep 17, 2021
Minnesota Vikings cornerback Bashaud Breeland had high praise for new teammate Patrick Peterson earlier this week when asked about Minnesota’s Week 1 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. […]
Sunday’s Defensive Woes Make 0-4 A Real Possibility
By Rob Searles - Sep 15, 2021
Last year, the most commonly recycled excuse for the Minnesota Vikings’ defensive shortcomings was, “But Danielle Hunter and Michael Pierce aren’t playing!” Getting gashed was a weekly […]
Week 1 is a Tone Setter for Year 2 of Justin Jefferson
By Rob Searles - Sep 11, 2021
It’s finally here, folks. The 2021 season is upon us and the Minnesota Vikings start the year Sunday on the road against the Cincinnati Bengals. Even though […]
Why Does Rick Spielman Keep Trading Picks In the Preseason?
By Rob Searles - Sep 7, 2021
“Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana Someone at TCO should probably remind the Minnesota Vikings’ general manager of this […]
Did Eric Bieniemy Catch the Wilfs’ Attention on Friday?
By Rob Searles - Aug 30, 2021
It’s completely understandable if you paid little to no attention to the final preseason game. With summer coming to a close and the State Fair opening back […]
What’s the Proper Level of Concern Right Now?
By Rob Searles - Aug 24, 2021
The Minnesota Vikings are 0-2 through two preseason home games and have yet to score an offensive touchdown. The response from the Vikings’ offense during Saturday night’s […]
Is Josh Rosen the Answer at QB2?
By Rob Searles - Aug 18, 2021
On Tuesday afternoon, the San Francisco 49ers waived backup quarterback Josh Rosen. The 10th-overall pick of the 2018 NFL Draft will look to join his fifth team […]
Who’s Most Expendable of the Vikings’ Marquee Unvaccinated Three?
By Rob Searles - Aug 17, 2021
Mike Zimmer has never been one to hold back from what’s on his mind. Whether it’s berating special teams coaches on Monday Night Football or conducting halftime […]
Stacking the Vikings Without Neglecting Your Entire Fantasy Football Roster
By Rob Searles - Aug 14, 2021
Tis the season for us fantasy football degenerates. With Week 1 of the preseason in full swing, fans of make-believe football will be neglecting their responsibilities and […]
Kirk Cousins and Other Prominent Vikings Are Putting “Me” Over “We”
By Rob Searles - Aug 9, 2021
It’s been a busy week for the local and national media covering the Minnesota Vikings — none of which had anything to do with the actual game […]
Why Is the National Media So Down On the Vikings?
By Rob Searles - Aug 3, 2021
Ask your fellow Skoldier what their expectations are for this season and you’re more than likely to get a response that sounds something like this: “We get […]