Stefon Diggs Was Completely Justified To Leave Minnesota
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It’s high time we take a moment to acknowledge that the Minnesota Miracle Man was 100% correct to get as far away from Mike Zimmer, Rick Spielman, […]
The Vikings Would Be Returning To Their Roots With A Lane Kiffin Hire
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Who Are the Most Appealing GM Candidates For the Vikings?
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The Most (and Least) Exciting Head Coaching Candidates For the Vikings
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A Tip Of the Cap To Mike Zimmer
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What Does Building an Organization Around Justin Jefferson Look Like?
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If Aaron Rodgers Owns the Bears, Davante Adams Owns the Vikings
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Is Mike Borgonzi Ready to Lead a Front Office?
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The Real Story Behind Kirk Cousins’ Career on Monday Night Football
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Have you heard that Kirk Cousins‘ record throughout his career on Monday Night Football is 1-9? Of course you have, because asking someone about Cousins’ shortcomings on […]
There’s No Excuse If Zimmer’s Defense Doesn’t Show Up In Chicago
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The recycled narratives surrounding the Minnesota Vikings nowadays sound a little something like: “Well, I just don’t have expectations for the defense.” “Yeah, but the defense isn’t […]