The Wolves Are Taking Losses Personally This Year
By Tom Schreier - Mar 27, 2022
Turmoil was brewing 1,800 miles away in South Florida as the Minnesota Timberwolves watched the Phoenix Suns eat into their 64-51 halftime lead on Wednesday night. While […]
The Twins Are On the Verge Of A Paradigm Shift
By Tom Schreier - Mar 20, 2022
By signing Carlos Correa to a creative 3-year, $105.3 million contract, the Minnesota Twins have inched closer to changing how we view them as a franchise. In […]
Falvey and Levine’s Fates Rest On If They Can Create A Pitching Pipeline
By Tom Schreier - Mar 18, 2022
The Minnesota Twins made a flurry of trades after the deadline. It’s almost as if Derek Falvey and Thad Levine got sick of everyone criticizing their lack […]
Can the Wolves Keep the Party Going?
By Tom Schreier - Mar 13, 2022
Karl-Anthony Towns‘ friend Mac Miller, the late rapper, once told the world that there was a party on 5th Ave. Now, KAT and the rest of the […]
Minnesota’s Player Development Has Already Made This Season A Success
By Tom Schreier - Mar 6, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves know Malik Beasley‘s heart rate at any given moment. They know how fast he got up and down the court at practice and how […]
Who Is Really Behind the Vikings’ Culture Change?
By Tom Schreier - Feb 27, 2022
We’d know who was driving the Minnesota Vikings’ cultural change in an alternate universe where they retained Rick Spielman and he hired Kevin O’Connell. Spielman wouldn’t be […]
Who Will Kevin O’Connell Empower?
By Tom Schreier - Feb 20, 2022
Mike Zimmer’s bottom lip quivered and he got choked up when he discussed Norv Turner’s sudden resignation in 2016. Turner was a former head coach and had […]
The 2021-22 Timberwolves: A Love Story
By Tom Schreier - Feb 18, 2022
Only two Minnesota Timberwolves players have ever given out a telephone number during a live press conference. Jimmy Butler famously broadcast his digits during his introductory presser […]
The Vikings QB Situation Is About To Become A High-Wire Act
By Tom Schreier - Feb 12, 2022
For a man who seems risk-averse and allergic to excitement, Kirk Cousins could soon find himself at the center of a circus act. If he does his […]
The Wolves Aren’t Broken, So Gupta Didn’t Fix Them
By Tom Schreier - Feb 11, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves are like an old car sitting in our garage for years. It has had trouble turning over and occasionally backfires. It was out of […]
Why Vikings Fans Should Be Happy With the Harbaugh Result
By Tom Schreier - Feb 3, 2022
Everyone got a little too sweaty about Jim Harbaugh. You saw the .700 record and forgot he was insane. You remembered how he turned Alex Smith into […]
Bill Guerin’s First Cup Window Ends This Summer. He Has To Go For It.
By Tom Schreier - Jan 31, 2022
For a man who acted ruthlessly when he took over the Minnesota Wild, Bill Guerin has been cautious this season. But there’s no reason for him to. […]